Dorm Hacks


I have spent a cumulative total of 123 hours at college so far!! And I’ve only cried 14 times. (Kidding. Kinda.) Lucky for me, I’ve come to realize I didn’t bring approximately 87% of things I needed.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I am exceptionally wonderfully at procrastinating and therefore engaged in the ‘throw all your stuff in bags and deal with it later method.’


2/10 would not recommend. Listen up kids! This is invaluable advice from your local hypocrite that has seen the error in her ways. In order to make sure my fellow college students, apartment tenants, and/or travelers don’t suffer the same egregious fate I did, I’ve compiled a list of all of those silly little miscleneous things you may not even know you need until ya need them. (You’re welcome)

A physical, real Alarm Clock

Whatttt they still make those?? You might have relied on your phone alarm or your parents shouts during high school, but there will be times your phone dies, or your app malfunctions. Many classes take graded attendance, so it’s important you’re fully prepped with a backup plan in the form of blaring beeps.


For those nights before your 8am when ‘quiet hours’ are apparently not a thing??


Mattress pad

College dorm mattresses aren’t real mattresses. They’re imposters made out of cardboard. Trust me in this.


This is a wonderful thing because A. You get to look AND feel luxurious. And B. You avoid awkwardly running down your hallway in a towel when you see Jared from 303C coming. No struggling to hold your towel up or fear it will come loose. Bye Jared! Not today.

Soap Dish

It’s not gross to sit your face wash bar down on the sink until you think about how many people spit in it after brushing their teeth today. Yeah, now it’s gross.

Water filter

My personal opinion is go with a Brita Pitcher, but if you’re not a fan of Mother Nature you could also bring packs of water bottles. Either way, tap water from dorms should not be trusted unless you’re certain it’s potable.


For some reason it never occurred to me I needed to supply my own? Am I alone in this? Did I just think I was going to throw my trash on the floor? I have no idea on this one.

Cleaning supplies

‘Who cleans in college?’ you might ask. The answer is people who don’t fight the inevitable- you’re going to have a spill or track something in. It’s gonna get gross and hard if you let it sit. At least bring paper towels- please.


Mini steamer

Gone are the days when all of your clothing was neatly hung and absolutely never, ever wrinkled. Jokes, but it is true that your mom’s iron is no longer available. You can purchase a little steamer for under $10 that will help in a pinch.

Small tool kit

My dad bought me a camo set (S/O Ronaldo) that I was absolutely certain I’d never use until my showered broke and my drawer needed a screw. It very well could come in handy.


Did we all just plan to eat everything with our hands? Mac n Cheese isn’t finger food, and you can’t spread PB with your thumb. Bring some plates too while you’re at it.

Portable chargers

Nothing is worse than wandering around campus on 1% when you can’t find your building. Take it from someone who is directionally challenged.

Rolling laundry hamper

Remember when you used to dread lugging your clothes down the hall for mom to wash? Now you get to do the same task on your own- but up 2 flights of stairs, down 3 hallways, through the common area… yeah you’re gonna want the wheels.


Desk lamp

There is a 98% chance the one your school provides will either flicker or be completely broken. There’s an equally high chance the maintenance staff has bigger fish to fry & you’re never gonna get a new one.

Under-bed storage

I brought 3 little bins when I could have been able to fit 6. Take advantage of the little space you have! This is prime real estate people.

An obscene amount of Command hooks

I think I packed 6 of these magical creatures and ended up using approximately 97 of them. They revolutionize hanging jewelry, sweatshirts, tapestries… need I go on? Command needs to sponsor me already, I preach about these babies.


“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” -A.A. Milne

Off you go! I’ve armed you with all of my dorm-packing wisdom, and I hope for your sake you’ll take it. But hey, I’m not one to talk¯\_(ツ)_/¯




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  1. Michael Gambone August 29, 2017 — 1:25 pm

    This is prophetic in its trueness 😂😂 Glad you’re settling in well!

    Liked by 1 person

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