Wanna know something I’m really bad at? It’s that thing they do when you introduce yourself at anything ever and someone says “Tell me something interesting about you!!!” (No shade, I know there’s only so many ice breakers you can do but man I hate this one.) I’ve never traveled anywhere worth mentioning, nor been on a plane. I don’t have a really exclusive celebrity as a relative that brings me to Coachella every year. I haven’t got a unique tattoo with some wild story behind it.


BUT (not to brag or anything- this is pretty rad) I do share a name with Paramore singer Hayley Williams. It’s my claim to fame, if you subtract the extra Y in her name we’re essentially the same person!!

If I haven’t already impressed you enough- BUT WAIT, there’s more. In the spirit of creating a ‘meet the author’ blog post AND preparing myself for college icebreakers, allow me to do them both in one swoop. I love a good shortcut. I’ve already hit you with my default interesting fact so it only goes down from here. Sorry guys.

I love fried pickles!!! Hence the inspiration behind this blog’s name. My obsession has been short-lived thus far but trust me- it’s a forever kind of thing now that it’s started. The other half of my blog name comes from a favorite saying of mine that happens to be ‘frickle frackle.’ I’ve found it to be an excellent substitution for swearing that has become somewhat of a joke between my friends & I. (Try yelling it angrily- it can’t be done which makes the saying even funnier. It falls short only behind yelling ‘bubbles.’ Timeless.)

My most prized possession is a pair of neon pink crocs that are both stylish and appropriate for any and all activities! Jokes they’re actually hideous but I’ve owned them for about 7 years & worn them to all of my lax games and with every Halloween/spirit week monstrosity. Yes, they will be making an appearance on campus; don’t worry I’ll find an excuse to break these bad boys out.

I also harbor a deep love for puns and bad jokes. I would now like to take this opportunity to ask you- have you ever seen an elephant hiding in a tree? **no** It’s because they’re really, really good at it. Buh dum tssss. If you didn’t think that was funny it’s ok. It’s probably a genetic thing. Use picture below of my father ‘luring’ me out of bed with a donut as a reference.


I’m going into my freshman year at Temple U and to say I’m ecstatic about it would be an understatement. I’d include a vid of me screaming the Temple fight song here but I’m not quite ready to embarrass myself that much. Just know I’m very enthusiastic. I’m majoring in public relations and planning to minor in marketing- have I sold myself to ya yet? ;))


I spend way too much time on Pinterest and blogs scouring for DIYs and recipes that are impossible. I’d like to think of it more as a challenge than as a deterrent when I see impeccably decorated gluten-free organic soy-less low-fat vegan carrot cupcakes. Jokes- I typically go for the DIYs with the most glitter and the recipes with the most sugar as I’m sure you’ll soon discover. :))

I feel like I’ve covered all the bases of Haley-essential knowledge, and I applaud you for reading this far. Like I said folks, the Pararmore quip is where I peak. Nonetheless, I’m excited to build this blog in a way that is authentic to me. Because, in the words of Dale Carnegie, “people rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”



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  1. Michael Gambone August 27, 2017 — 4:43 pm

    You’re adorable. I like your writing style and I can’t wait for others to get to know your awesomeness through the blog!

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